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Are things constantly getting lost, broken or going out of stock? Now is the time to set things right. Laikas GMore is an intelligent warehousing service for managing production machines and small supplies. GMore ensures the maintenance of the machines and the adequacy of the goods at the right time for you. In this way, the machines are ready for operation at all times, and there are always enough small accessories needed for work.

So that things can continue smoothly. Weld on. Rock on.

  1. More efficient use and maintenance of goods
  2. Monitoring reduces costs
  3. Easy and fast to set up


The GMore intelligent warehouse is designed to monitor the use of production machines and manage their life cycle. Today’s radio frequency identification (RFID) technology makes tracking devices easy, even in automated warehouses. You always know who is using which device.

And if a device breaks down, the user registers it for service, takes a new one off the shelf and continues their work. We take care of everything. We can make sure you always have enough items in stock to keep production up and running.

We monitor the life cycle of devices and their service history. We scrap equipment at the right time and make sure you have enough working equipment in your production.

Here’s how it works:

Laikas GMore is easy to set up. We will add RFID readers and a GMore terminal to your machine warehouse or other storage space. Each device or machine is equipped with a smart RFID tag that contains its details. Finally, all products are added to the Laikas GMore system along with the required users.

Let the work begin!

Take advantage of a closed loop

The factory’s equipment is under control and the amount of equipment is optimal.
1. Safety
2. Productivity
3. Efficiency

Save the future

We take apart any equipment that is at the end of its useful life and ensure its efficient recycling.


With the GMore small supplies inventory, you can effectively manage, control and monitor small industrial supplies, such as bolts and tape measures. Costs are reduced, tracking is improved, and you always have the right amount of each product in stock.
All products in stock can be found in the GMore system. If you wish, you can specify minimum and refill quantities for the products. We are notified automatically when the lower limit is reached. We deliver refills without delay, and clean the shelves in the same visit.

The GMore system makes it possible to monitor consumption, for example by user, department or task number.

Here’s how it works:

We organise small items and mark them in your warehouse with barcodes. You will receive a barcode reader connected to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and a GMore terminal in your warehouse. The employee collects the products they need from the warehouse, reads the codes and records the requested information. The use is immediately visible in the system.

And the work continues.

Save the future

We do not overpack products but use suitable transportation boxes. We clean and recycle all packaging materials that are generated.

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