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Laikas Rontti

A compact and extensive set of worksite tools



Laikas Rontti is the sunshine of your worksite. Our rental toolbox is especially designed for temporary work and contracts and holds the basic tools of two workers. You can easily access the tools in the toolbox, and they are always protected and safe there. There is an extension cord inlet in the toolbox, enabling you to charge your tools while they are inside the locked box. You can easily move Rontti around, since it has wheels. Rontti is made of 12 mm thick birch plywood and endures rough use. This rental toolbox decreases the total cost of tool ownership – Rontti’s rent is only a couple of euros per day.

Our selection includes four standard toolboxes: Ventilation, HVAC, Electricity and Mechanics. Our toolboxes include all the quality tools that you need, with an extremely low monthly price. If you need several Rontti toolboxes, you can stack them on top of each other to minimise transport costs.

Rontti can also be fully customised according to your needs, using the quality brands that we represent, such as Kemppi and Metabo. 

For all jobs. Rent-A-Toolbox.

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  1. Movable and individual
  2. All the small items at the worksite stored in one place
  3. Everything that you need and nothing more

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    A compact and extensive set of worksite tools. You can easily access the tools in the toolbox, and they are always protected and safe there.

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